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Keeping your dog well fed means much more than just satisfying their hunger

You only want the best for your pets.

WellyChef® “Homemade Dog Food Done Right”™ Base Mix makes it simple to make your own healthy dog food at home. Just choose your formula and add fresh meat from the grocery store or butcher to give your dog a healthy, delicious meal.

Our formula meets and exceeds AAFCO 100% Complete and Balanced needs for adult dogs. Now you can easily make safe, nutritionally balanced meals for your dog every time.

Why WellyChef?

Industrially mass-produced dog foods are simply not formulated to supply your dog with all the nutrients that they truly need. Research shows that fresh is best! We believe that one of the very best foods that you can feed your dog is one that you make yourself at home from fresh meat.

The difficult part of making homemade food for your dog that is safe for long term feeding is getting the recipe to be properly complete and balanced for critically required vitamins and minerals. It is relatively easy to meet the needed targets for protein, fats, energy, and fiber that an adult dog requires. It is far more difficult to meet all 37 essential nutrient requirements! With so much conflicting information online, creating your own recipe from scratch can lead to health issues or dietary insufficiencies.

WellyChef® “Homemade Dog Food Done Right”™ Base Mix takes away all the guesswork, leaving you with a simple way to feed your dog fresh, homemade food to keep them healthy and happy! Just choose your recipe, add the correct amounts of meat and water to our Base Mix, and you're done!

Pet Parent Reviews

"I decided to try WellyChef's product based on the healthy ingredients including chia, vegetables and fruits. I feed [my dog] twice a day and every time with no exception, when I put her food in her dish it is devoured within 60 seconds or less! The Vet says she is in perfect health! I recommend this product very highly."

- Larry

"Excellent, just excellent, my dog just absolutely adores this, and I feel good giving him something that is great for his health. Following the instructions is extremely easy. Went to the farmers market and got some human grade meats and mix it with this, you get one delicious and nutritious meal for your pup."

- Michel

WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Done Right Base Mix

Easily make nutritionally complete and balanced homemade dog food with fresh meat from the grocery store. Feed your dog the same meats or eggs that you eat!

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