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Seeing eye dog day is on January 29th.

To celebrate this day, I’m going to spend a little time explaining what seeing eye dogs do, and why they are so important.

Your dog is no longer a puppy (even though they are probably every bit as cute and energetic as they were when you first got them). With that growth comes a lot of changes. They need a new bed to sleep in, new toys and other accessories. Most importantly however, is your dog needs to transition from puppy food to adult dog food.

Winter is a season where the blues can definitely sneak up on you. But it doesn’t have to be. Why? Because one of the best ways to enjoy yourself in the winter is to have fun with your dog, who also happens to be looking forward to enjoying the season with you, too.

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The use of probiotics as a nutritional solution to dog anxiety continues to be explored. But the results of scientific studies that have already been conducted show that specific bacterial strains, such as Bifidobacterium longum, have a positive effect in addressing anxiety and stress issues in dogs.  Suffice to say, good quality probiotics for dogs should  be considered as part of a management plan to alleviate anxiety in dogs as well as improve their health and well-being.

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The immune system of dogs plays a vital role in their health and longevity. While this is common knowledge among pet parents, what many fail to realize is that about 70%  of a dog’s immune system is composed of a thriving microbiome which consists of microbes that are both helpful and potentially harmful in the gastrointestinal tract.  
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... the effect of fish oil on the remission and survival time of dogs with lymphoma showed that supplementation of fish oil resulted in an increase in disease-free interval and survival time for dogs with lymphoma.
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If you have a senior dog you may notice distinct changes in your pet’s behavior, as he spends more time just lazing around. With aging comes changes in the body’s physical, mental, emotional, and physiological conditions. The deterioration of the body makes a senior dog prone to various age-related issues including bone and joint problems, canine cognitive dysfunction, digestive issues, and skin problems. The integrity and function of the dog’s immune system also undergo a significant decline which can increase an aging dog’s risks to a variety of issues, some of which can be debilitating and life-threatening.
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Digestion problems can affect a dog at any age. However, senior dogs suffer from digestive problems more often, pet parents need to be more alert and keep a close eye on their senior dog so that helpful medical intervention can be sought before the problem could become worse and serious complications set in.

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