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When are the Best Times of Day to Walk Your Dog?

Your dog loves to go out for a walk. We all know it. We all accept it. We all live by it. A lot of dog owners love walking their dogs, too, which works out great for all parties involved. We all know that your dog needs to be walked several times a day, too; however, some people wonder when the best time to walk your dog is. It's a great question, and we are going to help provide some insight.

Firstly, there is no standard best times to walk your dog. It would be really simple if there were, but alas that is not the case. Instead, there are several factors to consider, including climate, your dog’s age, how social they are and if they tend to have nighttime bathroom accidents in your home.

Senior Dogs

If you have an older dog, the most recommended times for a walk are in the morning, since they need to go to the washroom at the beginning of the day. However, for older dogs it is important to consider the weather because cold weather can aggravate an older dog’s arthritis and joint stiffness. So, if it is an especially cold morning, be sure to keep the walk short, just enough to use the washroom, and wait until things heat up a bit more in the afternoon until you take them for a longer walk. Also keep in mind that if it is an especially hot afternoon, there is a risk of heat stroke, so just be very aware of any extreme weather.

Nighttime walks are good, too, since it is quieter and cooler, and is usually more relaxing for your older dog.


If you have a puppy, the best time to walk them is in the morning so they can use the washroom, but also so they can let out all of the energy they have had pent up overnight. This will also make your puppy more receptive during the day, making training a little easier. Nighttime walks are also great for a puppy since it gives them a chance to let our whatever energy they have left, ensuring a better sleep for them and a quieter sleep for you. It also gives them a chance to use the washroom one last time before bed, which can help them avoid any late night accidents.

Evenings might be a little stressful for your puppy since that is when there is the most traffic and extreme noise.

Social Dogs

If you have a social dog, then the most ideal time for a nice long walk will be the evening, since that is when most people walk their dogs, so it will give your dog a chance to be around and meet other dogs.

When it comes walking your dog, regardless of what times of day your put the most focus, dog walking is critical for their health and wellness. It gives them a chance to use the washroom, to get some exercise and to have some fun outdoors where they can explore their surroundings and smell all of the scents they possibly can. In the spirit of good health for your dog, we also recommend a great tasting, healthy meal for your dog in between their walks, like WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Done Right Base Mix.

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