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What you can do for your Dog on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a few days and you might already be worrying about what you're going to do for your significant other, but what about your dog?

Your dog has no idea when, or what Valentine’s Day is, but is that a reason not to spoil your soft, loving companion on this wonderful day? Of course not! So now that we’ve established you must do something sweet, something special for your dog, the question is what?

You can’t give them candy or chocolates from a heart shaped box (we repeat, DO NOT give your dog candies or chocolates). A candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant followed by a show might not be the best option either. But fear not, there are many other options we will gladly share that will ensure your dog feels loved on February 14th.

  • Take a long walk. Yup, that’s it, really simple. Of course you probably take long walks with your beloved dog all the time, but on Valentine’s Day, why not take a little longer walk, just to give the both of you that extra bonding time. Not only will your dog love it, but you'll love it, too.
  • Have a date night. We’ve already established that a night out in a fancy restaurant and a show might not be ideal for you and your dog (even though it would probably be really fun), but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in and enjoy all of the splendors of a date night. Snuggle up with your dog under a blanket, spoil them with their favourite treats and watch a dog friendly movie. Don’t forget the extra cuddles!
  • Give your dog a special Valentine’s gift. A new toy, a new bed, a new pair of doggy boots or jacket, there are so many options, and your dog will love any, or all of them if you're feeling especially generous.
  • Take your dog to the groomers. If your dog isn’t a fan of being groomed it might not be the best option, but if your dog loves nothing more than being bathed, brushed and pampered, what better day to take them!
  • Give your dog a massage. That’s right, dogs love a genuine, muscle relaxing, soothing and invigorating massage, and can you think of a better day to give them one than Valentine’s Day?

In the end, there is a multitude of gestures and signs of affection you can give your dog on the 14th of February. Most, if not all of those gestures and signs of affection are things you probably already do on a regular basis because you love your dog that much. But why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to show your dog a little bit more of that love, or if you prefer, use it as a day to show them a whole lot more of that love. 

Now about what you can do for your significant other …


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