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The 5 Best Movies to Watch with your Dog

We all know how much fun it is to go outside with your dog. There are so many things to do, from taking long walks and playing games to watching your dog chase anything they think is worth chasing. However, when it comes to enjoying your time indoors, the options may seem a little more limited. But rest assured that is definitely not the case. And since the onset of the pandemic, when being indoors has become the norm, why not enjoy a great movie with your dog that they will love!

Here are the 5 best movies you can watch with your dog that they will enjoy just as much as you, if not more.

  1. The Secret Life of Pets

In this great animated feature, just like Toy Story showed us what toys are doing, thinking and saying when we can’t see them, The Secret Life of Pets shows us what our pets are doing and thinking when we’re not around. Just a little advice though, pay close attention to your dog while watching this movie because if you see some subtle nods of affirmation, you know something is wonderfully amiss, and there might be some magic happening when you're not looking!

  1. Lady and the Tramp

Dogs love classic romances, too! In this Disney film from 1955, your dog can enjoy a tender love story that will fill their heart as much as it will fill yours. And that spaghetti scene … come on! Think of this film as your dog’s version of The Notebook.

  1. A Dog’s Journey

A story about canine reincarnation? Yes, please! Seriously, who can possibly resist that? Your dog definitely won’t be able to. This heartfelt film shows what life is like for a dog that lives several lives, and loves several humans throughout, showing that a dog’s love doesn’t just last a lifetime, but many lifetimes! Just make sure to give your dog an extra cuddle at the end of the movie because they might just find you later in life in a different form to return the favor.

  1. Homeward Bound

If your dog is an adventure lover, then this 1993 Disney classic is definitely for them. Homeward Bound is about 2 dogs and a cat forced to make their way across the United States in search of their family. Filled with heart, action and several scenes that will have you clinging to your favourite furry friend (much to their delight), this movie is a must see for a thrilling date night with your dog.

  1. Hawkeye

Sure it’s not a movie, and sure this Marvel show released in 2021 doesn’t revolve around a dog, but just one look at Lucky the Pizza Dog, that adorable one-eyed Golden Retriever adopted by Kate Bishop, will melt your heart. Lucky is not just adorable though, they are awesome and brave, and might be more of a hero than one of the original Avengers! What can be more inspirational to your dog than that?

These are just a few of the wonderful films (and show) that you can watch with your dog. Others include All Dogs go to Heaven, Beethoven, A Dog’s Way Home, Marley and Me, Bolt and so many more. And remember, a movie with your dog isn’t complete without some tasty (and healthy) treats. May we suggest WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Done Right Base Mix.


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