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It doesn’t matter if you’ve just gotten your dog, or you’ve had them for years, if there is one thing you can be certain of it’s that your dog loves to eat and will eat whenever possible. That’s why in those rare instances where your dog won’t eat it can be incredibly worrisome. But we want to put those worries to rest by not only explaining why your dog might not be eating, but also what solutions you can implement to help them regain their impressive, and often hilarious appetite.
Sworn enemies. Mortal foes. Complete Opposites. Bitter rivals. Those might be some of the descriptions used when it comes to the perception of the relationship between cats and dogs. However, we want to disprove that. Moreover, we want to not just prove that cats and dogs can be friends, but also provide tips as to how you can get your cat and dog to be friends!

The use of probiotics as a nutritional solution to dog anxiety continues to be explored. But the results of scientific studies that have already been conducted show that specific bacterial strains, such as Bifidobacterium longum, have a positive effect in addressing anxiety and stress issues in dogs.  Suffice to say, good quality probiotics for dogs should  be considered as part of a management plan to alleviate anxiety in dogs as well as improve their health and well-being.

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