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Nighttime Safety Tips for Walking your Dog

Walking your dog can be a fun, relaxing experience. It is also a great way to bond with your dog as you can both unwind in each others company, and for this blog, we want to discuss an aspect of dog walking that might go under the radar, and that is how to safely walk your dog at night.

Night walks with your dog can be a wonderfully relaxing experience, both for you and your dog. There are less people out, and there is often a sense of calm that can be attributed to the evening hours. That is why many dog owners actually prefer night walks, and tend to make those walks the longest of the day. If you are like those people, just make sure your dog is well fed, so they have the energy to enjoy those long night walks with you. We suggest giving them some WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Done Right Base Mix, which will give them all of the nutrition they need for a long evening walk.

When it comes to safe night walks, most of what we are going to tell you will definitely fall under the umbrella of common sense. For example, while exploring new paths is a fun way to make your walks new and exciting, when walking your dog at night, it’s usually best to stick with the paths you know, so there won’t be any issues with getting lost. This will also decrease the possibility of your dog enduring an unexpected encounter with nocturnal animals like racoons, skunks or coyotes.

To increase the visibility of both you and your dog when taking a night walk, we recommend both of you wearing reflective vests. This is important so other people, and especially motorists, can see you. Also, you and your dog will be fashionably matching!

If you prefer your evening walks in parks or wooded areas, as opposed to streets, we recommend a headlamp, as it will help you see what’s in front of you. Also, it will allow you to walk your dog hands free, which can be a great advantage when you have to pick up your dog’s droppings in the dark!

When walking your dog at night it is very important to keep them on a leash. Even if your dog is obedient and is used to walking off-leash during the day, at night there is more opportunity for them to get lost, or get surprised by a car or animal, so for their safety, and your peace of mind, it’s best to keep them on a leash. We do recommend, however, not using a retractable leash.

If you and your dog like to play fetch at night we’re sure you’re aware that there are few things that inspire the kind of pure helplessness that comes with tossing a stick or ball in the dark and seeing your dog look at you with utter confusion as to where it went, while you also stare out into the darkness knowing there is absolutely no way you’re going to find it either. Best solution, look into glow in the dark fetch toys!

Finally, when walking your dog at night, make sure you have your phone with you just in case of any accidents or emergencies.

While there are some added precautions you should be aware of when it comes to walking your dog at night, none of them are too inhibiting, and will ensure a safer experience, while some, like glow in the dark fetch toys, will make the walks even more fun!

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