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How to get your Dog and Cat to Become Friends

Sworn enemies. Mortal foes. Complete Opposites. Bitter rivals. Those might be some of the descriptions used when it comes to the perception of the relationship between cats and dogs. However, we want to disprove that. Moreover, we want to not just prove that cats and dogs can be friends, but also provide tips as to how you can get your cat and dog to be friends!

First and foremost, when it comes to the question as to whether or not your cat and dog can be friends, the answer is a resounding yes. Now, while it is much easier to raise both a cat and dog together when their young, that doesn’t mean you can't introduce them when they’re older. However, in order for a friendship to blossom your cat and dog are going to need your help. And the key to that potential success is to place them in an environment full of positive energy and love. If both of your beloved pets are constantly in a state of joy, it will be increasingly hard for them to fight.

Another myth we would like to eliminate is that certain breeds of dogs and cats just won’t get along due to their genetic make up. That is simply not true. The breed is irrelevant; instead, just like people, it’s all about the personalities. It doesn’t matter if you have a Chihuahua and Tabby, or a Snowshoe and a Labrador, all that matters is if they have personalities that mesh well together. For example, while not impossible, it might be more difficult to get an old dog to get along with a hyper kitten, or an easily startled cat to get along with an aggressive dog.  

There are also things you can do in advance of introducing your cat and dog that will help create a friendly relationship between them. Firstly, you can train your dog to control its impulses, to stay put, so when your dog finally meets its new feline-friend-to-be it won’t just jump on it. And for your cat, you can establish safe spaces that remains off-limits to your dog throughout your home. This will give your cat a sense of calm, as they will have sanctuaries they can visit whenever they feel the need. It is also critical to make sure your cat’s litter box is always off-limits to your dog because no cat wants to do their business in front of their canine friend!

Another great tactic you can utilize prior to introducing your cat and dog is to let them sniff each others bed and toys (which should always be kept separate). This will help them establish a scent of each other and will diminish the shock of their eventual meeting, thus preventing any turf wars.

Like a first date, when the time comes to finally introduce your cat and dog, the first impression is everything. This is why it is often recommended to do it during mealtime (and may we suggest treating your dog to WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Done Right Base Mix). This is when both animals are most at ease. Just don’t let them interfere with the other’s eating because imagine if you were on a first date and the other person started eating off your plate! A second date would probably not be on the books.

Those are just a few tips we want to share about establishing a friendship between your cat and dog. Of course, you know your cat and dog best, so our best advice is to just pay attention to how they interact and cultivate whatever camaraderie they create, while figuring out how to solve the conflicts.

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