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Best Activities for your Dog in the Summer

The nights have gotten shorter, and the days have gotten longer, which only signifies one thing: it’s summertime! That means plenty of time to spend outdoors, in the sun, even after dinnertime! But it’s not just you who gets to enjoy the great weather and long days of summer, but also your dog. That’s why we are happy to provide some examples of great activities you and your dog can enjoy throughout the summer season.

Before we get into the fun things you can and your dog can enjoy together during the summer, there are some safety tips we want to share first. We know you want to spend as much time outside as possible during the summer months (your dog definitely does, too!), but keep in mind that because of the summer heat your dog can get very hot and thirsty, so always make sure you keep them hydrated. And, with all of that added exercise, your dog will be burning a lot more calories than usual, which means they need to be properly fed. We suggest WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Done Right Base Mix, as it will give your dog all of the necessary nutrition to keep them energized throughout the day.

Now that your dog is fed and hydrated, it’s time for them to have some fun in the sun! So what activities can they enjoy? We want to start with an activity your dog will love just as much as you will during those scorching summer days: swimming. Whether in a lake, the beach or a pool, if you have a dog that loves the water there is no better time to let them swim to their heart’s content than in the summer. Don’t have access to a pool, lake or the beach? No problem, even if you set up a small pet-sized pool in your backyard, or just some sprinklers, your dog will still have a blast.

Exploring the outdoors with your dog during the summer is a great way to bond and play. Whether you go camping, or just head out to a park for a picnic, soaking in the quality time with your four-legged best friend in beautiful weather is always a great idea. The only question is, who will enjoy it more, you or your dog?

If you’re looking to do something that involves more physical exertion for you and your dog, we suggest taking them out for a long hike, where you can explore the scenery and walk or run at your own pace. Actually, who are we kidding, we all know on a great hike your dog will be dictating the pace, and at times it will probably feel like they’re taking you on a hike. And if you’re looking for a more rigorous activity, take your dog out for a bike ride (you’ll be riding the bike, of course) and watch as they run by your side, mouth gaping open, loving life in a way you can’t help but admire.

There are countless other examples of activities you and your dog can enjoy, and the better you know your dog the more personalized those activities can be. Just remember to keep your dog well fed and hydrated, so they can fully enjoy the summer season.

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