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Walking your dog can be a fun, relaxing experience. It is also a great way to bond with your dog as you can both unwind in each others company, and for this blog, we want to discuss an aspect of dog walking that might go under the radar, and that is how to safely walk your dog at night.
The nights have gotten shorter, and the days have gotten longer, which only signifies one thing: it’s summertime! That means plenty of time to spend outdoors, in the sun, even after dinnertime! But it’s not just you who gets to enjoy the great weather and long days of summer, but also your dog. That’s why we are happy to provide some examples of great activities you and your dog can enjoy throughout the summer season.
Today we want to dive deep into an age old mystery. We want to thoroughly discover the reasons behind a question that countless people from all over the world have asked themselves: Why do dogs chase squirrels?
It doesn’t matter if you’ve just gotten your dog, or you’ve had them for years, if there is one thing you can be certain of it’s that your dog loves to eat and will eat whenever possible. That’s why in those rare instances where your dog won’t eat it can be incredibly worrisome. But we want to put those worries to rest by not only explaining why your dog might not be eating, but also what solutions you can implement to help them regain their impressive, and often hilarious appetite.
Sworn enemies. Mortal foes. Complete Opposites. Bitter rivals. Those might be some of the descriptions used when it comes to the perception of the relationship between cats and dogs. However, we want to disprove that. Moreover, we want to not just prove that cats and dogs can be friends, but also provide tips as to how you can get your cat and dog to be friends!
Your dog is getting older. And just like with people, their eating habits will change, too. Gone are the days when your dog would eat absolutely everything in sight, often with more enthusiasm than you thought possible. Gone are the days when after making the mistake of leaving any tasty morsel of food in your dog’s line of sight it disappeared as if by magic. However, just because your dog has gotten older doesn’t mean they don’t still love a delicious meal. The key however is to put more focus on healthy options as your dog’s years start advancing.
For the purpose of this blog, we’re going to offer some important information about the benefits of a Kibble Topper.
Winter is finally over, and Spring is finally here! With the snow melted and the sun shining brighter and longer, it’s easy to forget how great it feels to be outside again. But fear not, because your dog definitely remembers and they will do all they can to remind you.
Climate is an important issue when it comes to choosing what kind of dog you’re going to get. Certain breeds are better suited for warmer climates, while others are better suited for colder ones. There are several factors to consider, all of which can help you make a better, more informed decision as to which dog fits where you live.
Your dog loves to go out for a walk. We all know it. We all accept it. We all live by it. A lot of dog owners love walking their dogs, too, which works out great for all parties involved. We all know that your dog needs to be walked several times a day, too; however, some people wonder when the best time to walk your dog is. It's a great question, and we are going to help provide some insight.
We all know how much fun it is to go outside with your dog. There are so many things to do, from taking long walks and playing games to watching your dog chase anything they think is worth chasing. However, when it comes to enjoying your time indoors, the options may seem a little more limited. But rest assured that is definitely not the case. And since the onset of the pandemic, when being indoors has become the norm, why not enjoy a great movie with your dog that they will love!
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We said we would write about it, and now we are. That’s right, first we gave you the 5 benefits of feeding your dog wet food, and now we’re giving you 5 benefits of feeding your dog dry food.

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